About Us

In an industry filled with more promises than performance, its nice to know that at least one endoscope repair service is committed to outstanding reliability and superior quality.

That service provider is Fibertech Medical Australia, and we have been earning our unmatched reputation for quality, service and economy since 1998. Fibertech started in the US in 1989 and quickly grew to have facilities in most major capital cities. It then spread to Europe with facilities in France, Italy and the UK. It was this lineage that started Fibertech Medical Australia along with the current Managing Director and owner Gerald Schofield. In 2002 Fibertech Australia expanded into New Zealand where Obex Medical Ltd looks after its interests. More recently Fibertech is also assisting hospitals in Asia to save money from their repair budgets.

Fibertech originally focused their business on the repair of all makes of endoscopes both flexible and rigid. A new exciting venture has allowed Fibertech Medical Australia to recently open up a repair facility in New South Wales which specialises in new areas of medical device repairs. This complements our existing Melbourne Head Office. During the past few years we have invested heavily in new equipment and trained new staff to enable us to now repair most makes and models of endoscopes (which includes the new Olympus 190 series). We also continue to repair most makes and models of power tools, cameras and general instruments. Our customers are finding more and more that we are providing a one stop shop - making it easier for them as they can send us most instruments for repair.

That’s why we are now the service provider of choice for hundreds of Hospitals, Day Surgeries, Outpatient Surgery Care Centre’s and private offices.

The reason for this success is simple. Our repair service combines Fibertech’s industry-leading technical expertise with outstanding customer responsiveness to give health care managers a strong, reliable service resource you can depend on anywhere, any time, plus it’s also a cost-effective alternative to very expensive OEM maintenance plans.

All we ask is that you give Fibertech the opportunity to show you our difference.

Experience and Quality

Fibertech Medical Australia, as their priority, deliver to you quality professional services. We have an extensive inventory that meets OEM specifications, therefore assuring our customers the highest standard of quality repairs.

Our technicians have years of experience in instrument repairs, and have had extensive training to service all makes and models. Additionally, regular, ongoing technical training for all staff ensures that Fibertech will meet your present and future needs.