Guidelines for using Fibertech for medical instrument repairs:

  1. You should have received some pre-printed Star Track consignment notes and Repair Request Forms from your Sales Rep. If you don’t have these forms, don’t panic, we can send them to you.
  2. Pack up your instruments and have them ready for pick up with consignment note attached to the outside of the package.
  3. Call the office on 1800 241 881 and request for a pick up to be organized. You will be asked for pick up details such as contact name, department, address and phone numbers. You will also be asked for the tracking number on the consignment note so we can keep track of the package.
  4. Once the goods are received by Fibertech, they will be assessed and a quote will be generated to the relevant contact. This can be via email or fax. No repairs are carried out until approval is received.
  5. Once approval is received then repairs are commenced. Repairs can take anywhere from 1 day - 15 working days depending on the item and the work required. An approximate ETA can be given at the time of approval if you need this information. In most cases, to confirm an approval an Order No. is required. This does depend on your accounts process.
  6. Once repairs are completed the goods will be shipped back to your nominated address.

Sterilising Instruments:

Please ensure all items have been sterilised prior to sending to Fibertech. If you are unable to sterilise your scope due to a leak, then please manually clean the scope and flush the channels according to the GENCA guidelines.