Fibertech Medical Australia’s philosphy is to offer hospitals a costeffective alternative to the OEM. This is typically achieved by reductions from 35-75% over the OEM pricing. All of the parts used by Fibertech meet the American FDA and GMP standards.

Turnaround Time

Minor repairs on all items are completed within 24-48 hours from the time that approval has been received. Major repairs will take between 5-15 working days from approval - depending on item and repairs to be carried out. Please ask at the time of approval for a more accurate repair time.


If in the unlikely event that a repair fails, it will be supported by a comprehensive money back guarantee.

Warranty Terms:
Flexible Endoscopes (large diameter) - 6 months
Flexible Endoscopes (small diameter) - 3 months
Rigid Endoscopes - 6 months
Semi-rigid Ureteroscopes - 3 months
Power tools - pneumatic - 6 months
Power tools - battery and electrical - 3 months
Cameras, Phacos and Scalpels - 3 months