Single-Use Spackman Cannula

Single-Use Spackman Cannula

Australia’s most commonly used spackman cannula.
Be one of the majority of hospitals using this device.

The main features and benefits of the S029 are:
  • Single use instrument – reduced risk
  • No clamp screw to drop or lose
  • Good seal on cervix
  • Latex free and DEHP free
  • Quick and easy to insert and remove

Why Change?

  • Re-usable suctions with fine lumens are difficult to clean
  • Re-usable instruments can become damaged - single use have consistent high quality
  • Moulding and manufacturing in cleanroom environments for confidence in cleanliness
  • Single use Suctions are recommended for vCJD high risk procedures, especially neuro and ophthalmic.

Fibertech Medical Australia Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for Single Use Surgical Ltd.